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Delivery Vehicle Accidents

Business is booming for delivery companies such as FedEx, UPS and DHL, and the United States Postal Service is delivering more packages than ever. Internet shopping has become so popular that Amazon created its own delivery service in order to cut costs. While there may be more parking spots available at shopping centers and malls, the downside of all the online purchasing is the thousands of delivery vehicles speeding around Maryland streets and neighborhoods to drop off all the packages. Delivery companies are constantly hiring new drivers to keep up with the demand to deliver more packages, and some of these drivers have very little experience. Amazon delivery drivers especially are subject to different hiring standards as the traditional delivery services, and their drivers simply may not be as cautious. In addition, some delivery drivers have the incentive to finish their delivery routes as quickly as possible and this does not translate to safer driving. All drivers and pedestrians are at risk of injury due to the increased amount of delivery cars and trucks out on the roads. If you or a loved one has been involved in a car accident with a delivery vehicle contact personal injury lawyer Benjamin Herbst for a no obligation free consultation. Benjamin can help protect your rights and assure that you can recover damages for pain and suffering, medical bills and missed work time.

Technology has contributed to not only to more delivery vehicles on the road, but also has steered these cars and trucks to unfamiliar streets. Navigation services such as Waze and Apple Maps take delivery drivers off the beaten path in order to shave time off their route, and the result is more traffic on smaller roads. If you live in a residential neighborhood the chances are that you’ve seen more UPS and FedEx trucks than ever before. In some neighborhoods there are UPS and FedEx trucks making deliveries 3 or 4 times throughout the day, which never used to be the case. In addition to the traditional delivery services and Amazon speeding around with packages, there are also more food delivery services out on the road. It has become so easy to order anything from dinner to groceries with a few clicks on a cell phone, and services such as Grubhub, Doordash, Postmates and Giant Foods Peapod are constantly driving around new roads to deliver food. More delivery vehicles on the road unfortunately translates to more accidents and more injuries, and if you or a loved one was injured you deserve the maximum compensation under Maryland law.

Benjamin Herbst represents pedestrians and motorists who were injured by delivery vehicles from UPS, FedEx, USPS, Amazon and others. Injuries from delivery truck accidents can be severe, as the big brown UPS trucks and the white FedEx trucks are much larger than even the largest SUVs. Even if one of these vehicles is traveling at a low rate of speed they can produce catastrophic injures when involved in an accident. Delivery trucks also have limited sight lines and when traveling through narrow residential or even urban areas are at risk of hitting pedestrian injures can be sever in even the most minor of accidents, and calling immediate medical attention is a must. After emergency personal have arrived on scene it is always advisable to seek further medical evaluation at the ER or with a specialist. Benjamin Herbst can help you and your family with all aspects of your personal injury case, and is always available to offer consultation and support. All clients are provided with his cell phone, and he will never be out of reach. Contact Maryland delivery truck accident lawyer Benjamin anytime at (410) 207-2598.

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I can’t say enough about how great Benjamin was in dealing with our cases. He not only secured a great settlement for the accident but also treated us with respect and made us feel comfortable. We never felt like he was too busy to speak about the case and he answered all of our questions throughout the whole process. I felt like we called him too many times (we had a lot of questions) but he never made us feel that way. We went through a tough situation but Benjamin helped us get through it. I recommend him without hesitation. John and Marianne
Thank you so so much for everything!!!
It was so incredibly stressful to face this incident.
Thank you for all your patience and the effort that you put into this matter.
I really can’t express my gratitude enough.
A. J.
Ben is an exceptional lawyer and even better person. He assisted my family with a very sensitive issue and I cant thank him enough. Ben is an incredibly talented attorney, extremely intelligent, and has a lot of compassion for his clients. He was always available for questions and gave us everything he had to offer. Thanks Ben for everything...we appreciate you more than you know. Mike R.