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Disability Insurance Denials

Insurance companies in Maryland can charge large premiums for long term disability policies. With these large premiums the disability insurance plans typically promise large benefits, but when it comes time to pay out a legitimate disability claim the insurance companies are hardly generous. The fact is that many long term disability contracts are laced with vague and ambiguous legal terms, often providing the insurance companies with reasons to deny a claim. Long term disability insurance companies rarely satisfy a claim in full without putting up a fight. These companies employ lawyers to draft and enforce the most minute and vague terms of the contract. Disability insurance companies have also been known to hire investigators to follow claimants in the hopes of discovering evidence, which could bar a successful disability claim. The Maryland long term disability lawyers at The Herbst Firm are prepared to take on the insurance company lawyers and fight to recover the full amount of your long term disability policy.

Disability insurance policies typically are either purchased privately from an insurance company, or can be claimed through the government. Private disability insurance plans can be extremely beneficial because they can prevent an injured professional from suffering major financial losses due to inability to work. Long term disability insurance plans can often exceed seven figure policy limits and can allow injured professionals to live as they did before an injury or illness prevented them from working. Large long term disability insurance companies that cover Maryland workers such as UNUM and CIGNA rarely agree to satisfy a policy on the first claim. These companies will find any way they can to deny your claim and hope that you give up on trying to collect on the policy. Do not give up! Even if you have been denied benefits under your long term disability policy, a disability lawyer can reopen the claim. The Herbst Firm understands the complexities of disability insurance policies, and the importance of being awarded a policy payout for you and your family. If your long term disability insurance claim has been denied, an experienced Maryland disability lawyer can assist you in collecting the payout that you deserve.

Government disability benefits can be obtained through social security disability insurance or SSDI or supplemental security income or SSI. In order to be able to apply for SSDI you must have suffered an injury or illness that results in a permanent disability. Social security disability insurance does not pay claims for workers who are temporarily disabled, or partially disabled. The injury or illness must be deemed to completely bar you from working. In order to be eligible for SSDI you must have worked and paid into the social security system for a certain amount of time. SSDI claims are often initially denied by social security for a number of reasons as it is unstated policy to err on the side of denying a claim so that the claimant eventually gives up. A skilled Maryland social security disability lawyer can challenge the government’s denial of your claim and fight to recover benefits for your injuries or illness even if it means filing a lawsuit in state or federal court. The insurance companies and the social security administration have teams of lawyers working to deny your disability claim, but there is no need to fight this battle alone. Contact the Baltimore disability lawyers of The Herbst Firm at (410) 207-2598 for a free case evaluation today.

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