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Howard County Car Accidents

If you have been injured in a car accident anywhere in Howard County, Benjamin Herbst can help you recover the maximum amount of damages from the negligent driver. As a Howard County resident, Benjamin knows how the local roads can become dangerously congested in certain areas and curvy and isolated in others. Howard County has densely populated towns such as Columbia, Ellicott City and Elkridge and some areas are more spread like Fulton and Marriottsville. Either way there is enough danger out there on the roads as it is, but add in all the distracted drivers and it’s easy to see why there are so many injury accidents each year.

Distracted driving is the most common cause of car accidents, and Howard County drivers are at risk on all the local roads. There are an abundance of highways running through all parts of the county and this is generally where the most serious multi vehicle accidents occur. Highway accidents generally do not involve pedestrians or bicycle riders, but the crashes usually occur at high speeds. These high-speed accidents can be especially catastrophic when motorcycles and trucks are involved, but even accidents involving cars can be deadly. The most traveled highways in Howard County are I70, which runs from Ellicott City to Marriottsville, and then west toward Frederick. Interstate 70 has one of the highest speed limits in the state, but the majority of accidents occur in slower speeds when there is congestion going east toward Baltimore in the morning and west in the afternoon. Highway 29 is considered the main north south highway in Howard County and runs from Ellicott City through Columbia and down to Silver Spring. Traffic on 29 can be extremely heavy during the workweek, and even at times on nights and weekends. The speed limit on 29 is 55, but many drivers are traveling much faster, which can lead to accidents caused by failure to break in time or changing lanes without properly signaling and looking right or left. The two main east west highways in Howard County are 100, which goes from Columbia through Hanover and Elkridge, and 32, which goes from Columbia through Fort Meade and Severn. Like 29, Route 100 and Route 32 can become extremely congested in the areas around 95 and 295, which can lead to rear end collisions and side-swipe accidents.

Howard County also has hundreds of heavily traveled roads that are not necessarily highways, and these roads are the locations of hundreds of accidents each year. Route 40 and Route 99, as well as Rodgers Ave, Snowden River Parkway and Broken Land Parkway are all well traveled roads where accidents occur, but in reality serious accidents can occur on even the smallest of roads. Pedestrian accidents are common on smaller Howard County roads regardless of whether there are crosswalks. Negligent drivers have the tendency to fly through crosswalks without stopping, and the results of this type of driving can be extremely serious. Bicycle riding on Howard County’s scenic roads is extremely popular, but unfortunately negligent drivers do not share the road with bicycle riders. If you or a family member were a driver, passenger, pedestrian or a bicycle rider that was hit by a car, bus or truck in Howard County you and your family deserve the best possible representation, and a lawyer that will fight the insurance companies tooth and nail to achieve the maximum recovery. Call Howard County accident attorney Benjamin Herbst anytime at 410-207-2598 for a free no obligation consultation. Benjamin is available to his clients 24 hours a day, and all clients receive his cell phone number and have direct access to him rather than a paralegal or other staff member.

Client Reviews
I can’t say enough about how great Benjamin was in dealing with our cases. He not only secured a great settlement for the accident but also treated us with respect and made us feel comfortable. We never felt like he was too busy to speak about the case and he answered all of our questions throughout the whole process. I felt like we called him too many times (we had a lot of questions) but he never made us feel that way. We went through a tough situation but Benjamin helped us get through it. I recommend him without hesitation. John and Marianne
Thank you so so much for everything!!!
It was so incredibly stressful to face this incident.
Thank you for all your patience and the effort that you put into this matter.
I really can’t express my gratitude enough.
A. J.
Ben is an exceptional lawyer and even better person. He assisted my family with a very sensitive issue and I cant thank him enough. Ben is an incredibly talented attorney, extremely intelligent, and has a lot of compassion for his clients. He was always available for questions and gave us everything he had to offer. Thanks Ben for everything...we appreciate you more than you know. Mike R.