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Mass Mutual Disability Denials

Mass Mutual is the abbreviated name for the Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company. They provide insurance products in dozens of different areas, and disability insurance is one of their most profitable products. The company offers both long term and short term disability plans, and these plans are offered as group insurance under ERISA or the plans can be purchased privately. Mass is one of the largest and most profitable insurance companies in the world. With over $25 billion in yearly revenue, they do not get rich by liberally paying out their disability insurance claims to loyal customers. Like most large disability insurance carriers, they will put up a fight to try to deny your legitimate disability insurance claim, but with the help of a Maryland disability income insurance lawyer, you can fight back. If your long term disability benefits or short term disability benefits have been denied or discontinued, The Herbst Firm can help. The firm represents claimants that have received denial letters from Mass Mutual for both long and short term disability plans. Receiving a denial letter from does not mean that your chances for getting paid the income you have lost by not being able to work are over. In fact, a denial letter is only the beginning of the fight.

The Herbst Firm understands that receiving a denial letter from a disability insurance company can be stressful and in some cases terrifying. Many times we have clients who are physically or mentally not able to work, but truly cannot afford to stay home and focus on their health. Even worse are situations where disabled insurance carriers lose their benefits, and then cannot afford to pay expensive copays for their medical care. Disability insurance companies place people in extremely tough scenarios when they send out their denial letters. These companies are simply too large and too focused on maintaining profit margins to treat their disability insurance customers with compassion and empathy. The firm’s aggressive and experienced lawyers will work tirelessly to recover the income that you deserve, and will also treat you with the compassion that is so rare from the insurance companies.

If you have received a denial letter it is important to contact an insurance lawyer immediately. Filing an appeal for a disability denial is a time sensitive matter, and if your disability insurance policy is governed under ERISA you will have 180 days from the receipt of your denial letter to file the appeal. These 180 days are crucial to establishing a thorough and complete record of your disability and the effects that the disability or disabilities have on your ability to work. If your appeal is denied, information that is not included in the appeal will not be admissible in a future lawsuit. Just because ERISA allows 180 days does not mean you should wait a few months to contact a lawyer to start your appeal. Benjamin Herbst is available for a free consultation about your claim 24 hours a day. As soon as you receive a denial letter from you should contact someone about filing an administrative appeal. We represent clients in Baltimore and throughout Maryland, and our lawyers will travel anywhere in the state to meet to discuss the best possible ways to earn back the benefits that you have paid to recieve.

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I can’t say enough about how great Benjamin was in dealing with our cases. He not only secured a great settlement for the accident but also treated us with respect and made us feel comfortable. We never felt like he was too busy to speak about the case and he answered all of our questions throughout the whole process. I felt like we called him too many times (we had a lot of questions) but he never made us feel that way. We went through a tough situation but Benjamin helped us get through it. I recommend him without hesitation. John and Marianne
Thank you so so much for everything!!!
It was so incredibly stressful to face this incident.
Thank you for all your patience and the effort that you put into this matter.
I really can’t express my gratitude enough.
A. J.
Ben is an exceptional lawyer and even better person. He assisted my family with a very sensitive issue and I cant thank him enough. Ben is an incredibly talented attorney, extremely intelligent, and has a lot of compassion for his clients. He was always available for questions and gave us everything he had to offer. Thanks Ben for everything...we appreciate you more than you know. Mike R.